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Attorney Wood Shares How to Balance Work & Life in New Magazine Article

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Balancing work and life can be difficult in every profession. Being a lawyer is no exception, either. For many attorneys, casework can eclipse parts of their private lives because they know that someone else’s future and wellbeing is depending on how well they manage that case. After a while, it can all get pretty stressful for even veteran legal professionals.

To help local attorneys find a better way to balance work and life, Santa Barbara Lawyer Magazine recently asked Attorney Lauren Wood of The Schurmer Firm to share how she does it. As one of the region’s most trusted attorneys, Lauren knows just what it is like to have a lot on her plate when it comes to managing client cases and finding the best path to victory. But she also knows the importance of making time for herself and her family because becoming overworked is a recipe for doing poor work.

In the recent January 2021 edition, Lauren shared these important tips:

  • Stay healthy: Lauren knows that, while your mind is the key to great achievements, your body is what allows your mind to do its best work. Eating better and taking 30 minutes a day to exercise, for example, are two easy ways that a busy lawyer can promote health. As they do, they will find that they have more energy, mental clarity, and motivation to do even better work for their clients.
  • Improve your mental health: In the article, Lauren mentions that mental health is unfortunately still kept largely in the shadows in America. Most people don’t want to think or talk about it, which is bad news for workplace productivity and overall happiness. She urges all attorneys out there to take their mental health seriously, seek therapy if needed, and look for little mental health boosters each day, like meditating or creating “me time” at home.
  • Prioritize what is most important: Eventually, every attorney is going to have more work on their desk than they originally thought was possible. It is a blessing of a growing firm and reputation, but it is also a burden if that work piles up too quickly. Lauren suggests getting a clear understanding of everything that needs your attention in your life – not just work-related things but the stuff at home, too, like your budget – and prioritize what really matters the most. Doing so will help build your confidence as important tasks are routinely checked off, which, in turn, makes knocking out smaller or less important tasks easier.
  • Stop feeling guilty: To wrap up her article, Attorney Wood warned that guilt is only going to become caustic if you let it bother you whenever you prioritize life before work. Whether you have to leave the office a little early to pick up your child from school or need a week for a staycation, enjoy what you have made for yourself and your family. Don’t think about work when you do and you won’t feel guilty for it!

If you want to know more about what Attorney Wood shared when discussing a healthy work-life balance, you can click here to visit the official Santa Barbara Lawyer Magazine website. Her article is found in the January 2021 edition, which is available through a PDF extension. To learn more about Attorney Lauren Wood and the work we do for our clients at The Schurmer Firm, please feel free to call us at (805) 470-1628. Free case evaluations are available for inquiring clients.

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