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Importance of Immediate Investigation


In all types of cases, the importance of immediate investigation cannot be overstated.

Many times early and effective investigation can be the difference between winning and losing a case; almost always it has an effect on the final monetary recovery. The Schurmer Firm has an experienced investigative team that begins to perform the necessary investigation for every case as soon as the matter is accepted.

Different types of cases require different investigative techniques. Depending on the nature of the case The Schurmer Firm’s investigators look for, document and obtain the type of evidence that is uniquely necessary for that type of case.

In automobile accidents there are a number of important evidentiary issues. Physical evidence at the scene is always important . Skid marks from vehicles, damage to surrounding property like trees, concrete barriers and curbs helps to establish how the accident happened. If immediate investigation is not completed skid marks disappear and surrounding property damage is repaired. Expert witnesses in accident reconstruction and biomechanics many times need this information to help prove who caused the accident.

Witness statements can be critical. If a statement is not taken from a witness shortly after the accident more often that not they will not remember critical facts. Further, unless immediate investigation is done as to whether any person saw the accident a witness may be overlooked or never found.

Photographs of the vehicles involved are extremely important. Many times, particularly if the other driver’s car is totaled, that vehicle will be destroyed or sold for salvage before photographs can be obtained if an immediate investigation is not obtained. Photographs of damage to the vehicles are not only important to assist in determining fault but also to show the severity of the impact. Without this information, the case will always be more difficult.

In injuries that occur because of dangerous or defective products, an early investigation is also necessary. If immediate investigation is not taken the reason that the machine caused the injury may never be determined. Sometimes it is necessary to purchase and retain the product so that experts that are hired by The Schurmer Firm can examine and test the product. At the very least photographs and examination must take place to document the condition of the machinery as close as possible to the time that the accident took place.

In medical malpractice actions it is extremely important to obtain the appropriate medical records as soon as possible. There have been a number of instances that critical documents are “lost” or records are changed and altered. Obtaining immediate copies of records reduces the risk that will occur and in some cases allow us to prove that the records were changed at a later date.

There is no risk or downside to having a consultation as soon as possible after an injury occurs. At The Schurmer Firm there is no charge for the initial consultation even if it turns out that there is not a viable case. However, if a consultation does not take place for weeks or months after an accident the case may be significantly damaged due to a lack of appropriate investigation.

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