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How to Drive in Rain and Snow


The rainy season comes every year, and yet many California drivers are unaccustomed to driving on wet and icy roads. Drivers unfamiliar with these unusual weather conditions are more likely to cause a car accident. That’s why it’s critical that every California driver knows how to drive in rain and snow.


When driving in rainy weather, you should leave an extra car length of space between you and the car ahead of you. This will give you more time to slow down. Rain reduces traction, which makes braking and turning more difficult.

Additionally, you should regularly check your windshield wipers with a spray of wiper fluid. The arid California climate can damage your wipers before you use them. Some wipers become so damaged that they make the windshield dirtier with every swipe. Regularly testing your windshield wipers keeps you prepared for visibility problems before they happen.


Snow is rare in Southern California outside of mountains and ski slopes. When it hits, it tends to shut everything down. Whether you’re going for a weekend retreat or caught by surprise, it’s good to know how to drive in the snow.

You’ll immediately feel the difference in the way the car controls. Snow and ice greatly reduce traction. You should always go slower on snowy roads, especially if they have not been salted and plowed. Never accelerate through turns on icy roads unless you absolutely need to. The slippery conditions can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Avoid locking your brakes if at all possible. While you may instinctively push the brakes as hard as you can, that could lead to disaster. Holding the brakes can cause your vehicle to slide and fishtail on the road. Many drivers panic when they realize their steering wheel isn’t working.

If you begin sliding, rapidly pump your brakes to gradually slow down. While driving in snow, you may want to double your braking distance. With proper braking techniques, you can avoid causing serious car accidents in snowy weather.

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